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Stats GCSE – June 2012 Mark Scheme

The MS for the 2012 paper can be found here.

Other past papers from Edexcel (with markschemes) are here - follow the links and stuff on that page.

Good luck! I’ll get the revision sheets sorted too.

Protected: Stats GCSE Worksheet Answers

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Year 11 – predictions for the calculator paper

Dear yr 11,

I hope your first paper went well and that you felt well prepared.

Here is what i think is going to be in the second paper. Please note that this is only a guess based on what was not in the first one. I hope it is helpful.




-    Do a hard calculation using the calculator and show all of the digits from the screen then round it

-    Compound interest

-      Reverse percentage

-       Ratios

-    A context question with calculations such as percentages and fractions – check your QWC

-   Proportion eg S is proportion to the square of t

-   Bounds calculations


-   Trial and improvement

-    Solve a quadratic using the formula

-    There is usually a page of algebraic questions that you require you to demonstrate factorising, expanding, simplifying etc

-    An algebraic proof question

Shape and space

-     Trigonometry and Pythagoras’ – possibly questions that disguise the technique required

-      Advanced trig – don’t forget the area formula

-      Angles on parallel lines

-       Area of circle in some form e.g. find volume of a cylinder or find the area of a sector

-       Volumes and surface areas of solids  -   could involve similar solids

-       A compound measures question e.g. speed or density or flow rate


-     Cumulative frequency

-     Histograms

-      Averages from a frequency table or a grouped frequency table

-      Sampling

-      A more basic graph type such as a Pie chart or a frequency polygon


-      As the tree was on the first paper I think that there will be basics such as predicting the number of times a particular result occurs

-     Possible to have a two dice question or an equivalent

Yr 8 hwk

Dear Yr 8,


Please spend hwk time reviewing these questions in preparation for next lesson.




Best of luck!



Y10 Stats Markschemes

The 2007 one is here

And the 2008 one here.

Have a great half term! Happy revising! Email with any questions.

Year 9 Practice Paper Solutions

Year 9 Practice paper solutions are here – good luck!

Summer mock with calc slns

Key Skills Practice for Years’ 8 and 9

Here’s a blank sheet of key skills for you to fill in a few times until you know them off by heart!

For Year 8: Key Skills

For Year 9: Key Skills 1  |  Key Skills 2

This should give you an idea of how best to revise: make sure you have learned things off by heart, and then do lots of practice.

Year 10 Stats GCSE – Key Calculations Practice

Here’s the blank sheet for practising some of the key calculations. Make sure you can do these… but don’t forget the others!


Protected: C3 and C4 Practice Papers for Y13

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