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Mr Brewin’s Year 11 – Vectors and Surds

Jacynth (and anyone else!) – here’s the questions on Vectors and Surds as promised. Let me know when you’ve done them and I’ll post the answers.

And here’s the answers too! Sorry for the delay – had to get the laptop from school!

Mr Riedel’s Year 11 class – Linear combinations of Vectors

Click here to download a pdf containing the material covered today.

Homework is from exercise 25.1 on page 110 of the Practice book, question 7.

Mr Riedel’s Year 11 class – Magnitude of a vector

Click here for the summary of our session today.

Homework is from exercise 25.1 in the Practice Book on page 109. Doo questions 5 and 6 and submit your work on Monday for marking.

Mr Riedel’s Year 11 class – Vectors

We began a short unit looking at Vectors. We saw a number of ways in which vectors can be represented, as a line with an arrow to show its direction, as a column vector, as a bold single letter ( e.g. a, hand-written as a with a line below) or by letters representing the start [...]

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Year 11 Div 1 – Vectors

The Vectors powerpoints can be downloaded  here.

The powerpoint slides of the last h/w are here. Just a reminder of the h/w for Tues: pg 112, Ex 25.3 qu 1, 2a, 2c, 2e and 4.

I’ll check in to get back to you on any problems over the w/e… May not be before Sunday night.

Mr Brewin’s Year 9 Vectors Intro

Here’s the PDF of the notes from today’s lesson.

Homework due in tomorrow: Ex 14H Qu 1 – 6 and 8 – 11 on page 304.